Fast-forward to the good part

You know that feeling when you wish you could skip the difficult or boring periods of life? Fast-forwarding a film you’ve seen a dozen times to revisit your favourite scene. Longing to skip to the end of exam season. Wishing you could be on your Christmas break already.

Maybe it’s just me, but I often wish I had a remote control for life so I could fast-forward to the best bits.

When I’m travelling, be it a long or short distance, I find myself wishing I could teleport to the destination – that I could disappear at home and arrive at work an hour later, as long as I could avoid the process of actually having to get there.


We get impatient, bored and anxious when we don’t have the next thing instantly. Waiting, queuing, hanging around, and watching the minutes, hours, days, weeks or even years pass by before we reach our goal. It all feels so frustrating!

But maybe – just maybe – there is value in the journey. There is learning through the waiting. Purpose in the monotony.

Walking home even when I’m tired gives me fresh air to breathe, space to think, time to pray. Waiting weeks to hear back from a test or application teaches me patience and makes me lean on God.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so ready to skip ahead to the end.

If we had everything we wished for straight away, we would never learn to hope and trust. Our heavenly father truly knows what is best for us, and in his perfect timing will bring it about. It might not be when we choose, or even what we choose, but we can wait upon the Lord in all circumstances, and give thanks that we rest in his hands.