The main conversations here on thoselines will reflect those things that grab us, move us, and challenge us, so will probably revolve around the themes below. We’ve created these threads to help you find your way around, so look out for these headers: 


Exploring what it means to be flawed human beings who are designed to live and love in community. Finding grace through learning (quite often the hard way).



“Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Talking about those books that have stayed with us long after we have put them down.



Engaging with some of the issues – big and small – that face us in the world today. Wrestling with the complexity of current affairs.



Discussions not just limited to ‘Art’. From a blog post, to a list, to our bed in the morning, what is it that makes us make anything at all?



Love snuggling up on the sofa with a good movie on a Friday night? How do the films we’ve watched intersect with everyday life and events?



Talking about how we can learn to live a life that we are not ashamed of, focusing both on the good things in life as well as the important things.


real feels3

Being honest about how broken our world often is; and the struggle it can be to process and live with pain, hurt and difficult things.